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Chris O'Neal

Chris O'Neal

How To Rock's Chris O'Neal can now add super hilarious TV show host to his resume! Chris is a co-host of the new Nickelodeon TV series, You Gotta See This, alongside fellow HTR cast mate Noah Crawford. Chris was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, and he landed his first major TV role on HTR as "Kevin Reed," the goofy drummer of the band Gravity 5. Chris and Noah will be bringing you all the best vids the web has to offer and pulling some sneaky pranks on You Gotta See This!

You Gotta See This

You Gotta See This
What could be better than a show that combines the web's funniest videos, hilarious bloopers AND celebrity pranks? You Gotta See This features all of this and more! Hosted by How To Rock's Chris O'Neal and Noah Crawford, You Gotta See This is the ultimate funny show that is guaranteed to generate some serious laughs! From the insanely funny things pets do to pranks that make your favorite celebs break a sweat, everything is a must-see! Believe it when we say... You Gotta See This!


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