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Max Madigan

Max Madigan

True's idol is a fashion icon and a true eccentric. He mixes conservative lines with surprising details and has a habit of hiring and firing people at random. Like an absent-minded professor, Max runs a multi-million dollar corporation, but he can never find his car keys. He's never been married, but True's determined to find him a girlfriend...

GREG PROOPS: By the over 13 crowd, Greg Proops is best known for his unpredictable appearances on the hit improvised comedy show "Whose Line is it Anyway?" but the under-5 set would recognize his voice anywhere as that of "Bob the Builder" on the popular preschool PBS series. His long list of TV credits includes "Last Comic Standing," "Ugly Betty," "Just Shoot Me," "Veronica's Closet," "The Drew Carey Show," and more. Proops regularly hosts his own live comedy chat show at Hollywood's Largo, featuring guests like Sarah Silverman and Jack Black, among many others, and has improvised with Drew Carey, Ryan Styles, Kathy Kinney, Colin Mochrie and more as part of the Improv All Stars, who performed for the troops in Bosnia, Kosovo and the Persian Gulf as part of the USO.

True Jackson, VP

True Jackson, VP
What would you do if you landed your dream job as a big shot at a major company and you were only 15? How would you decorate your office? Who would you hire? True Jackson gets the chance of a lifetime when she's hired by her idol and made VP of his fashion empire! Tune in to see if True can learn to navigate this scary new world and find out what happens when True goes from homeroom to the boardroom!


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