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Lulu is True's best friend and assistant at Mad Style. She's a ball of energy, says whatever's on her mind and is completely boy crazy. Even though True ends up digging Lulu out of a pile of trouble now and then, she couldn't ask for a better assistant...or a better best friend!

ASHLEY ARGOTA: With a knack for singing since the age of 2, Ashley's first job was in the commercial for "The Jungle Book 2." She went on to star in Disney's hit musical "The Lion King" as Young Nala, and soon landed appearances on TV shows including "iCarly," "The Division," "MAD TV," "The Wayne Brady Show" and "The Shield." Ashley also starred in the popular American Girl Revue at the Grove in Los Angeles, a show based on the popular American Girl dolls. When she's not in front of the camera, Ashley's behind the mic. Her recording career began when she became the youngest performer ever to win 5 times in a row at Amateur Night at the Apollo, which led to her becoming a "Star of Tomorrow" at "Showtime at the Apollo."

True Jackson, VP

True Jackson, VP
What would you do if you landed your dream job as a big shot at a major company and you were only 15? How would you decorate your office? Who would you hire? True Jackson gets the chance of a lifetime when she's hired by her idol and made VP of his fashion empire! Tune in to see if True can learn to navigate this scary new world and find out what happens when True goes from homeroom to the boardroom!


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