The Other Kingdom Characters

Queen Titania

Queen Titania

Astral’s mother is very wary of the human world. She thinks traveling outside of Athenia is too dangerous for her only daughter. She wishes Astral would focus on training to become the next fairy Queen, but knows she has to let Astral be free to spread her wings.

The Other Kingdom

Living in a secret kingdom full of mythical creatures and magical beings sounds pretty cool, right? Well, Fairy Princess Astral is more interested in living with humans, where kids her age are in a world of their own-- high school.

Astral has always fantasized about living with humans and now's her chance! Leaving her home in the Fairy Kingdom of Athenia means she'll have to keep her identity a secret at all costs. Posing as an exchange student, she's determined to experience what life is like for a normal high schooler— but she's got a lot to learn first. Like, what's a 'selfie'? And where does broccoli come from? It's a whole new world for Astral and she'll soon find out that fitting in is hard, especially if you're a fairy!


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