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Aloe is Bucket and Skinner's hot-headed archrival. Whatever Bucket and Skinner are planning, he's there to ruin it. Aloe's main goal? To cause Bucket and Skinner major embarrassment, preferably in front of the whole school. This gnarly dude might be able to shred it on the waves, but when it comes to taking down Bucket and Skinner, his hilarious efforts are hopeless. Will Aloe ever be able to trip up these surfer dudes?

Aloe is played by actor, model and gymnast, Glen McCuen. Although he has been competitively practicing gymnastics since a young age, it was this same talent that got him his first gig in a commercial at the age of 14. Since then, he has been featured in the movie, Marmaduke, and has guest appeared on Big Time Rush.

Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures

Bucket and Skinner have been best friends ever since they were in their diapers learning to surf. The beach buddies may be as different as night and day but they have 3 goals in common: stay friends forever (check!), always be near a beach (surf's up!) and never do anything that requires long pants (gnarly!). Their perfect day includes wicked waves, an epic taco and of course, meeting cute girls. But Bucket and Skinner quickly learn that avoiding a life of hard work is hard work!


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