Tell us your fave Nick show and we’ll tell you what cricket position you’re perfect for

Tell us your fave Nick show and we’ll tell you what cricket position you’re perfect for

Tell us your fave Nick show and we'll tell you what cricket position you're perfect for

Your top watch says more about your sporty alter-ego that you think

Hey, there! It's cricket season and that means there's probably heaps of you wondering what your perfect cricket position would be, right? So, we've come up with a scientifically proven method (*don't believe everything you read) to solve the question:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…. you are THE CAPTAIN

The turtles protect New York City, just like the captain leads their team to victory. But, like all great cricket captains, Raph, Donnie, Micky and Leo are able to kick butt with a smile on their face, too. COWABUNGA! (Pssssttt… you can catch the turtles at any of the NICKified BBL matches). 

The Thundermans… WICKETKEEPER

The Thundermans may not agree on everything, but they ALWAYS stay on top of their superhero game to ensure no villain claims victory. Equally, the wicketkeeper must be on high alert for any ball that comes their way. 

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn… you are the BOWLER

Bowlers exist as a unit while taking it in turns to venture into the spotlight… just like the quadruplets celebrate their differences and work together as a squad. Bowlers and siblings let their personalities shine whilst remaining loyal to the team's goal!

Henry Danger… you are the BATSPERSON

Let's face it, Kid Danger would never leave Swellview unprotected from baddies. And he does it with his best buds, Captain Man and Charlotte. Batters never leave their stumps – they see foresee a problem on the pitch and they act, fast! 

Want to see your cricket position in action? Tune in to CRASH THE BASH, starting Jan 12, only on Nickelodeon.