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General Enquiries

For all US enquiries:
Please email

For all Australian/NZ enquiries:
Please email or call our main switch on 02 9921 0200
A brief description of your question or concern will ensure we have the right information when we respond.If you would like to speak to a Nickelodeon Representative please leave a daytime phone number.

Camp Orange Technical Issues
If you are having any technical issues uploading your Camp Orange audition video or accessing the Audition Dashboard, firstly don't panic! We'll make every reasonable effort to get our hands on every single audition video that has been created. Please use the help form to get in touch with us and include your team name and the names of both team members.

Advertising Bookings

If you would like information on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. sponsorship packages please contact us by calling our main switch on 02 9921 0200


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